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We are happy to announce that Coinxes will be listed as an IEO on LaToken on the 1st May 2019!

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For further detailed information on the Coinxes P2P ICO Project, please see our white paper, lite paper, and financial paper below.

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A Revolutionary P2P Exchange & ICO/STO Counter.

Coinxes is a new cryptocurrency exchange bringing revolutionary solutions into the coin-trading industry.

P2P Exchange: The Coinxes P2P Exchange supports many different payment methods and allows cryptocurrency buyers and sellers to trade and exchange crypto coins in their own language in a safe, straightforward and fast way to and from their local currencies.

ICO/STO Counter (IEO): This enables ICO publishers to list their tokens on the COINXES platform. ICO/STO investors can invest in ICO/STO’s using their own local currencies or choose from a wide variety of payment methods.
It allows users to use the platform to buy tokens in their own language without restrictions based on the country they are located in (subject to local laws).


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a platform where crypto traders can buy and sell cryptocurrencies without any restriction based on location, language, mode of payment and not being charged multiple times for deposits, trading and withdrawals.

  • To help ICO publishers to achieve their hard-cap and to reach a wider audience.
  • For ICO investors to be able to invest on any project they want without restrictions due to location, mode of payment and language.
  • To allow blockchain projects to be able to list their tokens or coins in an exchange where their tokens or coins can be exchanged into fiat directly or any other cryptocurrency.

Existing Problems Problem

Here are some problems faced by Crypto Traders and ICO publishers and the solution Coinxes will provide.


  • Double Charging:  Trading platforms charge fees for trading, deposit and withdrawals.


  • Most exchanges only trade with the English language and maybe two or three other languages.
  • Certain restrictions such as language, lack of access to crypto currencies and website access keeps ICO tokens away from investors in certain geographical locations.
  • Most Exchanges offer their services in English alone.


  • Certain Centralised exchanges are susceptible to hacking.
  • Storing crypto assets within the platform is a security threat.
  • Due to coin theft and loss of coin on big and small exchanges, crypto holders and traders do not know which Exchange to trust.

ICO/STO Publishers

  • STO/ICO publishers want to sell their token/coin, investors want to buy tokens but due to restrictions based on language, locations, or lack of access to cryptocurrencies, it becomes difficult for ICO investors from places like Africa, Asia, and the Americas to invest in ICO’s

Coinxes Solutions Coinxes

Coinxes has solutions for the above problems.


Coinxes charge you only when you deposit coins on the Coinxes platform, we do not charge you trading fees and withdrawal fees, so it is free to withdraw your coin from our platform without any charges.


The Coinxes P2P Platform allows you to trade in over 50 languages, with more planned for the future.

ICO publishers can now list their tokens/coins directly on the Coinxes P2P Exchange, and sell their token to any one from any part of the world without restriction based on geographical location, language and mode of payment.

ICO investors can buy any ICO listed on Coinxes Platform by selecting from the form of payment listed, or using their local currency, without paying any extra charges or worry about how to get cryptocurrency to buy ICO’s.

Coinxes P2P users can create a trade or buy and sell cryptocurrency without restrictions based on language, geographical location and mode of payment.


The Coinxes P2P Platform is built on a decentralised system and is protected from DDos attacks and we also have an arbitration and rating system that prevents fraud and scammers.

Users do not need to worry about trust on the Coinxes Platform because to trade on our platform, Coinxes does not hold your digital assets.

Coinxes is a platform that links crypto assets from the seller to the buyer and we provide escrow service for the trade. Buyers pay directly to sellers, so we do not hold your assets. We do not store cryptocurrency on our platform.  As a result, there is no fear of hacking.

ICO/STO Publishers

The Coinxes ICO/STO Counter (IEO) allows publishers to list their tokens directly on our platform and sell to investors without any restrictions based on local language, form of payments (users can trade in local currencies) and geographical location (subject to local laws).  Investors can select from a wide form of payments.

ICO/STO Publishers benefit from our platform as due to the above they can reach a wider audience.


A World’s First!

Coinxes is the Worlds First Decentralised P2P Exchange with an STO/ICO Counter (IEO)!
  • While it is true that some regular exchanges offer IEO (initial exchange offering), Coinxes is the first Decentralised P2P Exchange that offers Initial Coin Offerings on their ICO/STO Counter.
  • To buy IEO tokens from most Exchanges, you would have to purchase them with the exchanges own coins or one main crypto currency only, but Coinxes accepts Bitcoin, Etherum and Neo and over 45 other payment methods including local currencies (subject to approval).
  • Coinxes is not just an idea on a white paper, it is a WORKING PRODUCT (coinxes.com) with the unique ICO/STO Counter already turning in a profit!


Some of the features of the Coinxes Exchange that makes us stand out!
Supports Multiple Currencies
Many Ways to Pay

Traders can buy without any restrictions based on their location, and use many payment methods including their local currencies. 

Easy to Use
The Coinxes P2P Platform

The COINXES P2P platform is designed to make the process of trading coins and tokens easy and straight-forward.


Offers arbitration and user ratings which help prevent scams. Users will be able to rate the buyer/seller helping to gain trust.

List ICO/STO’s
Our ICO/STO (IEO) Counter

ICO publishers can list their ongoing ICO/STO’s. This is unique on a decentralised P2P Exchange! Purchase tokens with many payment methods.

Many Languages
Appeal around the Globe!

User-friendly platform where users can trade in a language of their choice. This means the platform can be used around the world!

Peace of Mind

It connects users through our secure escrow system. This gives peace of mind to both the buyer and seller with confidence on our platform.

See our Working Product

More Features

Trade with Multiple Currencies

Coinxes allow you to trade up to three different cryptocurrencies at the moment, but after The ICO, Coinxes will allow users to trade over 50 crypto assets.

ICO/STO Counter

ICO publishers can now list their tokens/coins directly on coinxes P2P Exchange, and sell their token to any one from any part of the world without restriction based on location, language and mode of payment.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Coinxes charge you only when you have deposited coins on their platform, we do not charge you trading fees and withdrawal fees, so it is free to withdraw your coin from our platform without any charges.


CXG Token Sale

The Coinxes Gold (CXG) Token is a Utility Token and does not in any way constitute a security token or equity token. The Coinxes Utility Token’s Howey test score = 20.

Coinxes Howey Score

Referral Payment:

Users will receive referral tokens when they introduce new users to any of the coinxes platform or signup for coinxes services.

Community Development:

In a way of giving back to the community, Coinxes will from time to time award tokens to selected communities for usage of services like Exchange

ICO investors will be able to use Coinxes Gold (CXG) to buy any ICO listed on coinxes.com

Coinxes Gold (CXG) will be on the exchange within 30 days after the ICO.  You will be able to exchange CXG for fiat.

Global Payment:

Coinxes Gold (CXG) will be a global payment for any crypto trading on the Coinxes platform, this means that you can use your Coinxes Gold to trade against any coin listed on the Coinxes Exchange.

Any country or jurisdictions in which the offer of cryptocurrency tokens analogous to the offer of tokens is prohibited by law; If you are a resident of an Excluded Country or any other jurisdiction in which the sale of cryptocurrency tokens is regulated or banned you must not participate in our Token Generation Event.


CXG Token Sale

We are currently LIVE with our private sale, please see below for the timeframes for the different stages of our token sales.

1st March 2019

61 Days

20% BonusPrice$0.1615
1st May 2019

2 Months

14% BonusPrice$0.1796
1ST JULY 2019

3 Months

Join Our
Pre-Sale List
Pre-Sale Starts on the 1st May 2019



Private Sale & Values


March 1st, 2019 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

180,000,000 CXG


April 30th, 2019 (11:59PM GMT)

Tokens Bonus at 20%

1 CXG = USD$0.1615

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

5,000 CXG

  • Coinxes Gold Token CXG
  • Token Sale Start 1 March 2019
  • Token Sale End 30 September 2019
  • Tokens for sale 117,000,000
  • Token Price $0.20 USD
  • Specifications CXG Token
  • Max circulating supply 180,000,000

Token Allocation

2% Bounty
19% Reserve
2% Airdrop
6% Advisors
2% Early Platform Users
4% Team
56% ICO

Operating Allocation

5% Mobile App
5% Legal & Advisory
25% Marketing
5% Contingency
40% Platform Development
5% AML
5% Licensing
10% IT Facilities / Training


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are aiming to achieve.

Dec 2017

Incorporating team members

Feb 2018

Development of the exchange platform concept

June 2018

Construction of the exchange platform begun

November 2018

Integrating the dedicated ICO listing counter into the platform

January 2019

Official launch of the whitepaper

March 2019

Private sale begin

May 2019

Pre-Sales Begin

July 2019

Public Sale

October 2019

Launching the coinxes exchange, installing the requisite facilities and training staff.

November 2019

Further development of the platform and commisioning of trading aids such as the mobile trading app.


The Co-Founders

Our very talented individuals make up a great team that will take us forward to success!

Omademi Edema

Co-Founder, an IT expert and blockchain enthusiast and network engineer.

Paul Thomas
Head of Media Services

Co-founder:  IT Expert and expert in web graphic design, logos, media content etc.

Olawale Adeleye

Co-Founder, Experience in information technology and specialises in the blockchain.


Zuk Francis Soli
Project Manager

Francis specialises in project and facilities management and brings his experience to Coinxes.

Ed Campbell

Ed has written articles as a journalist for prestigious companies like the BBC amongst others.

Rohit Kumar Sharma
Backend Developer

Rohit brings a wealth of experience as a coder and his expertise in blockchain technology

Arvind Tyagi

Arvind is an experienced software engineer with expansive skills with an M.Sc. in Computer Science.

Anoop Yadav

Experience in JS, HTML, CSS, JQuery, AngularJS, IONIC, JSON, SQL, Phonegap.

Anubhav Pundir

Anubhav is looking after Marketing Services and Social Media Marketing for COINXES.

Raghav Sawhney

Seasoned Marketing Advisor – Raghav’s experience is highly valued at Coinxes.

Manasse Serge Eklou
Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Developer at Coinxes.


Naviin Kapoor
ICO advisor

Naviin has built a solid reputation and is among the top three blockchain ICO consultants in ICOBench.

Boris Otonicar
Blockchain Consultant

Boris is our blockchain consultant and holds a Masters degree in psychology and economics.

Anthony Abunassar
ICO Advisor

PWC, Rothschild & Co, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan. Crypto trader and ICO investor.

Giovanni Casagrande
ICO Advisor

Giovanni is a writer, public speaker, investor, advisor and connector in the space.

Sean Brizendine
ICO Advisor

Certified IIB Council Blockchain professional advisor.

Shoeb A. Zahoori
VP - Strategic Alliances

Associate Vice President of Strategic Alliances in the I.T and services industry.

Oti Edema
ICO Advisor

Oti is a certified blockchain expert and Director of Africa Blockchain Research Council.

Florian Rezeau
ICO Advisor

Master in Brand Management and Marketing. Experience in the digital sector.

Hamza Khan
ICO Advisor

Experienced Freelance Consultant working in the accounting industry.

Adrian Edema
ICO Advisor

Adrian is the Founder of GRIC COIN PROJECT @ AGRIC.IO and is an advisor for Coinxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer below to your question, please contact us.

What is Coinxes and CXG?

Coinxes in a secure P2P cryptocurrency exchange that connects crypto currency buyers and sellers through a unique and safe escrow system. Users on Coinxes can negotiate on the price of cryptocurrency, set the amount to buy or sell and choose from the myriad of payment methods. The platform allows users to undertake the trade in their native tongue or more than 50 of the world’s popular languages. Importantly, Coinxes offers a dedicated ERC20 tokens counter where active ICOs can list their tokens for investors from the world over to buy in. CXG or the Coinxes Gold Token is the native token of the Coinxes platform. It allows holders to achieve among other things, trade in crypto currency on the Coinxes platform, buy any of the listed tokens on the Coinxes dedicated ICO counter or opt into the investment options run by the Coinxes platform.

How do I buy CXG Tokens?

To buy CXG tokens, click on “buy tokens” tab on the top right corner of your browser and follow the prompts to register. You will have to pass a KYC, which involves providing personal information. Once you register an account, you can follow the prompts to buy CXG tokens. You can also buy CXG Tokens via the Coinxes P2P exchange at coinxes.com

How do I sell CXG Tokens?

About 30 days after the conclusion of the Coinxes ICO, the tokens shall be listed for trade in the major exchanges. If you want to sell your tokens at this point, you need to login to your Coinxes account and navigate to the sale platform and post a trade. Or, you can check on the listed trades and message a buyer. Alternatively, you can create an account on any of the exchanges where CXG shall be listed and undertake a sale.

Will the CXG Token be tradable in other secondary exchanges?

Yes, CXG token will be available for trade on other secondary exchanges, which will be announced before the end of the ICO. Furthermore, all digital assets created by Coinxes will be compliant with ERC20 and other mainstream standards where possible, and can thus be traded on secondary exchange.

When is the CXG Token going to be on the exchange?

CXG Tokens will be available on coinxes platform and other secondary exchanges 30 days after the ICO process.

Which country can participate in the ICO sale?

As for now all countries can participate to buy coinxes ICO. Where applicable laws, rules and regulations allow, it is not intended that the ICO mentioned in this document to be made or any document sent either directly or indirectly in jurisdictions where participation in ICOs is legally restricted.

I like your project; can I be part of your team?

If you think you have the skills and experience to work with us, you can send us your CV. We will get in touch

What is the minimum token I can buy?

250 CXG is the minimum purchase.


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