London-Based ICO Making Waves

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Coinxes P2P News

With 4 weeks left of pre-sales, the London- based decentralised peer-to-peer exchange Coinxes is set to send a ripple of excitement through the industry.

Coinxes P2P Exchange is bringing crypto trading to a whole new demographic. The current industry pillars are doing everything in their power to drag Blockchain kicking & screaming into the mainstream. Slowly this is happening, but to accelerate that process crypto-gateways need to increase accessibility.

That’s exactly what CoinxesP2P is doing!
Making crypto-trading straightforward & jargon free. That’s not too say that it is dumbing down for the punters! But creating a platform that bridges the users local currencies with BTC, ETH, NEO etc. and in their own language are long overdue features.

This is on a decentralised exchange, making it highly resistant to hacking. Adding an IEO Launchpad makes this exchange a world’s first in the DEX arena.

All of this adds up to a one-stop-shop for newbies and experienced traders alike.

Join the revolution today!

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