Making Money from Tokenisation

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Making Money from Tokenisation

ICOs & IEOs are allowing speculators to purchase tokens at a set price before these are listed as cryptocurrencies on established exchanges.
But how can an investor decide which tokens are going to increase in value or those that will plummet when listed?

It all depends on the product or service being offered by the startup!
For instance is a London-based peer-to-peer decentralised exchange that is up and running. It’s attracting new traders everyday and also boasts the world’s first IEO Launchpad on a decentralised exchange (with two IEOs already listed).

What makes this so interesting for the investor is that Coinxes is running is own ICO & IEO to raise funds for further product development and marketing.

An established product with a growing user base is a very tempting prospect for investors! Coinxes token – CXG is currently selling at $0.17 but the estimations suggest it will jump to $0.50 -$1.00 when listed in September.

Looking for a good tokenised investment?
Look no further than