What is Coinxes P2P Exchange?

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Coinxes P2P News

Coinxes is a contemporary peer to peer exchange platform where cryptocurrency investors and/or traders can exchange their cryptocurrencies of interest, for cash. It is a platform that brings buyers and sellers of digital currencies together including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Neo in an exchange for their preferred currencies.

Having thoroughly evaluated the numerous challenges of cryptocurrency emergence, Coinxes has significantly reduced such perceived challenges by buffering risks of insecurity, discomfort and ambiguous protocols to cashing out money. As a peer to peer platform also, Coinxes has ensured robust security measures to securing your coins, as well as making it simple to convert your cryptocurrency into fiat currency.

Another peculiar strength of Coinxes is not only to identify someone from your local environment who wants to buy your coin but has been geared to providing a user-friendly environment where someone from any part of the world can buy your coin and pay in your local currency, bank and/or PayPal depending on the agreed sellers/buyers preferences or specifications.

Interestingly, Coinxes has built a competitive advantage over others in the area of adequate security, accommodation of price fluctuations, non-withdrawal fee and as a mediator in settling disputes between buyers and sellers, and use of preferred local languages. These strengths are in perpetual review and update in order to meet the current and future trends of the cryptocurrency market.

To elaborate this further, most competitors of Coinxes have been recorded of incessant attacks of cyber frauds but Coinxes holds users’ information and crypto-assets so dearly thereby, ensuring maximum security of the platform.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency market is a volatile market and Coinxes has considered it beneficial for users’ assets to also increase when prices go up and vice versa thereby, creating room price fluctuations. For example, if the price of Neo is $20 when a user makes a deposit, the value also increases or decreases depending on the market at the time of sale.

In using the peer to peer facilities provided by Coinxes to trade cryptocurrencies, users are assured of a ‘no withdrawal fee’. This is also one of the benefits of being part of the Coinxes community.

In case of disputes between buyers and sellers, Coinxes is commendable as a mediator in settling such discord for a fairer and healthier trading environment. Both our sellers and buyers are held in high esteem and we will always strive to make their experiences count to our benefit.

It is also imperative to appreciate that Coinxes has fathomed the need for people all over the world to participate in digital currency by incorporating their local languages in its platform. Unlike other exchange platforms who have posed constraints for users to participate through language barrier, this reputable peer to peer trade platform has brought home cryptocurrency for local users who may not communicate in languages other than their own local languages. It only requires the user to select his/her country of interest in the drop-button and choose their language of preference.

In case of emergencies for travelers in unknown environments also, Coinxes has provided a contingent leverage to getting local buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies to help meet one’s immediate need for cash.