Why Joe Likes Coinxes P2P

Coinxes P2P News
Meet Joe… Joe’s a crypto trader…
Because Joe knows his game he knows how tough it can be. Joe understands exchanges are limited and transactions can take time to complete, he also knows that because Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy the industry could be safer.
That’s why Joe only uses Coinxes.
Coinxes is a peer to peer trading platform. Buyers, Sellers and Traders use Coinxes to trade a number of Cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin. Coinxes provide a secure escrow service to make sure Joe’s money is safe until the transaction is complete.
Unlike other exchanges, Coinxes doesn’t hold the currency online so there is zero risk from the cyber attack which leaves Joe free to deal with whoever he likes and agree whatever price he wants… because Joe knows all Coinex transactions are protected by full arbitration and customer support and that all withdrawals are free.
Joe can trade locally, nationally or anywhere in the world and he can view other trader’s profiles and reviews with absolute transparency.
Coinxes is a decentralised platform and all transactions are conducted completely anonymously and as a peer to peer network, we keep only required information in a bid to respect the privacy of our members.
Joe uses Coinxes because Coinxes.com is taking Cryptocurrency to the next level…
Be like Joe… take it to the next level.